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Javi's Gravy Sauce for Dogs

Fresh Made, No Junk, Nutrient Rich, Like you Cooked it Yourself,All Meat and Veggie, Dog Food Toppers.


We believe in Fresh Made Food for Dogs

We believe that dogs should eat just cooked food, just like humans do. It should be made locally, not made far away and shipped long distances. Dog food should be made up of rich nutrients from fresh quality meats and veggies. We take orders, just like a cafe for dogs. We cook in our kitchen and deliver weekly. Your dogs food can't get any fresher unless you make it yourself.

What is javi's gravy sauce for dogs?

Our Gravy Sauce is a fresh made kibble topper that's 100% meat and veggies

Made of 100% human-grade meat or fish and fresh veggies. Absolutely No junk! We add a splash of Omegas for health and Vitamin E for preservative. Made locally, delivered fresh.

What are Javi's Chunky Meals for Dogs?

Our Chunky Meal is Chunks of Real Meat smothered in Gravy

Made to order by Javi in our kitchen in Merchantville, NJ. This is chunks of meat and veggie gravy. Mix with kibble to get even the pickiest eater to eat.


Like you cooked for your dog, just in a bottle. All the good things you would give them in an easy to pour on sauce. Just pour, stir and done!


One bottle lasts an average size dog a week. Other fresh dog foods are way too expensive for people. Javi’s Gravy is something everyone can afford.

One Protein and Fresh

We don’t mix meats and we don’t use old veggies. This sauce is made fresh and is the freshest dog product you can buy.

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Solves Eating Problems with Picky Eaters!

We hear from our customers over and over that they can't believe how their dogs are finally eating, finally getting to the bottom of the bowl. We hear that poops look better and even some itchy, dandruffy skin conditions go away. Our customers send us videos (see them here on youtube) that show how their dogs choose kibble with Javi's Gravy Sauce for Dogs...every time.

Watch Dogs Choose Javi's Gravy!


Single Protein, Vitamin E, Omegas, Great for dogs with allergies

Choose your protein and get only that protein. Our veggies are always fresh. Our super high moisture product also has Omegas and Vitamin E. Our Latest Tip: It's good to get the highest quality kibble you can afford. Keep up with kibble recommendations with Dog Food Advisor. We sell a top rated kibble called Whole Earth Farms to go with gravy and chunky meals.

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Javi's Passion Started Here in Merchantville, NJ

Javi picks the freshest ingredients and makes every batch by hand. Let his passion for healthy food fuel your dog's passion for life.

Our Why

Changing The Future of How Our Dogs Eat