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January Newsletter


Our store is getting a new floor!  We are going to be closed from February 1st through February 10th. This will not impact recurring orders. 

All recurring orders will be cooked fresh and delivered on time.

But the STORE will be closed.

Get your order in by 1/29 for our 1/30-1/31 batches. Any orders between 2/1 and 2/10 will go out with our 2/15 batches.  Or visit the store by 1/31 to get your gravy! 

Our First Customer Call

We had a great time on our first customer zoom call. Yolanda gave us some great feedback about the chunky meal.  Her chihuahua Serenity really enjoyed the meal, but the big chunks were initially hard for her to chew.  So Yolanda chopped them up a little smaller.  We are going to take this awesome tip and make our chunks slightly smaller so that little dogs and big dogs can enjoy the chunks of meat.  Thanks Yolanda!


Our Nephew Brings his Years of Customer Care to Our Team

Our Nephew Nicky has been in customer support and sales for years!  He's helping us out to make sure that we give the best customer support and service to you.  You can email him anytime at nicky@javisgravy.com.  And as always text or call us anytime at 856-477-3351 or hit us up on Facebook or Instagram messenger. 



We Got Press!

6ABC came to visit and we got a great write up.  Check it out here! 


Javi's Tip of the Month

Know Your Kibble - IMPORTANT Kibble Recalls

We were alarmed to hear of the Sportmix kibble recall where many dogs have died.  We recommend that all our customers sign up for Dog Food Advisor's recall list and make sure that you discard any kibble that may be part of the recall.  Kibble can be very expensive.  We sell a moderately priced kibble called Whole Earth Farms.  It's on Dog Food Advisor's top 20 list and is the most affordable option on that list. 

Generally with kibble, you want the first three ingredients to be an identified protein meal like 'chicken meal'.  You don't want to see a generic reference to the protein like 'animal by product' or 'meal and bone meal'.  You also don't want to see grain as the first ingredient.  An identified protein should always be the first ingredient. 


Product Updates

We launched LAMB and we are super excited about it!  Lamb has lots of good fats for dogs and is a great alternative for dogs who are allergic to chicken. 


We have also allowed chunky meals to be ordered on a recurring basis.  That means you can schedule and deliver your chunky meals just like you can with the gravy sauce.  


Product Tips: Defrosting

Because our products are so fresh and use minimal preservatives, we freeze the products immediately after they are made.  Most of the time they will be delivered to you frozen.   To defrost them Javi recommends that you do the following:

For Gravy

Place the frozen bottle in a bowl of warm water. Allow the product to reach room temperature.  Then open and unseal the bottle. Mix with kibble and put the unsealed bottle back in the fridge. Use within a week.

For Chunky Meals

Defrost in the refrigerator.  Use within a week.