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What is Javi's Gravy Sauce for Dogs?

Javi's Gravy Sauce for Dogs is a 100% meat or fish and farm fresh veggies sauce that you pour over your dog's dry food. All flavors are made with meat and sweet potato, carrot, cilantro, swiss chard, spinach, omegas and vitamin E.   We use only one protein per flavor. 

Why use Javi's Gravy Sauce for Dogs? 

Dogs Love It and it Solves Picky Eater Problems

Dogs love it and lick the bowl clean!  No more throwing out dry dog food that picky eaters refuse to touch.  Instead, pour Javi's Gravy over dry food and dogs smell all the fresh goodness and love it.

What's Great About This Flavor? 

Our Turkey Gravy Sauce is a great sauce for all dogs.  We use cooked human-grade 100% dark meat turkey.  We recommend turkey for any size dog.

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      FAQs about Gravy and Chunky Meals

      • Can I Freeze Javi's Gravy?

        Yes! Javi's Gravy Sauce for Dogs is a fresh product with minimal preservatives. So it needs to stay cold. We advise that you freeze the bottles you aren't using and keep the bottle you are using in the refrigerator. It's ok to pour the gravy cold on top of kibble. We've seen that dogs love it!

      • How Much Gravy Should I Give My Dog?

        We recommend that you use one or two ounces per cup of dry food. You want to stir well to coat all the kibble so that your dog eats all of their food. In general, with small to medium dogs you'l probably use one bottle a week. With larger dogs you can use up to two bottles a week.

      • How Much Chunky Meal Should I Give My Dog?

        The Chunky Meal should be mixed with kibble. When mixed, one container has about 2 servings for a big to medium sized dog. And about 3-4 servings for medium to small sized dogs.

      • Do You Use Any Preservatives?

        We use vitamin E (non GMO mixed tocopherols). This is an all natural way to prevent spoilage.

      • What is the Shelf Life for Javi's Gravy?

        Javi's Gravy has been lab tested and has a 4 week refrigerated shelf life. We recommend freezing bottles you don't use and keeping the bottles you are using in the refrigerator.

      • What is the Shelf LIfe for Javi's Chunky Meals?

        Javi's Chunky Meals should be refrigerated and used within one week. Meals can be frozen and when defrosted, used within one week.

      • My product was delivered frozen. What's the best way to Defrost?

        For Javi's Gravy Sauce we recommend placing the closed bottle in a bowl of warm water to bring it to room temperature. Then keep the bottle refrigerated. For the chunky meal, we recommend defrosting in the refrigerator.

      • Can I microwave the products?

        Please don't microwave the product in the bottle or plastic container they are delivered in. Believe it not, many dogs like the product slightly cold! But if you want to give your dog a warm treat, mix the product with kibble in a microwave safe bowl and then you can microwave the mixture for about 30 seconds.