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Javi's Chunky Meals For Dogs

Meat and Eggs Smothered in our Signature Gravy Sauce Totally Fresh, No Junk We use just fresh veggies with a splash of omegas and vitamin E for preservatives in our gravy sauce, the base for this meal.   This is as fresh as if you made it yourself.  Javi makes every meal lovingly by hand as if he was cooking for our own dogs Buddy and Bear.  Real Meat to Chew On We add about a pound of meat into every meal.  That means your dog will have real meat to chew on, not small pieces of kibble.  Choose big chunks for medium to large dogs and ground meat for small and elder dogs.  Full of Moisture Dogs often don't get enough moisture in their diets.  And studies now show that water when combined with carbohydrates or sugars hydrate better than water alone.   Save Some For Later Meals will last for a month in the freezer.  Defrost in the refrigerator and use within a week.  We know this sounds crazy, but dogs love it cold!  So you can serve cold or heat for a few seconds in the microwave.   Mix with Kibble for Full Nutrition Mix a few ounces with kibble.  Each chunky meal is 24 ounces of meat and gravy.  So we recommend mixing a few ounces of chunky meal with kibble for an incredible meal for you dog.    There's Nothing Else Like It This is a fresh, made meal just for dogs.  Other fresh made vendors offer fresh kibble with small pieces of veggies and meat.  Ours is a full meal with big chunks of home cooked meat.  Dogs Love It Nothing beats a home good delicious meal made of fresh veggies and meats.  Your special dog will love it and you can feel great that you are giving the gift of great nutrition!    See the Reviews!