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Dog Health and Food Tips

Have you ever heard your dog cough in the winter? When we hear that, we whip out a teaspoon of local honey to sooth what could be a sore throat. We put in a bowl by itself and let them lick it up. The AKC says that honey in small amounts won't harm dogs. We've found that our dogs seem to be soothed almost immediately. Don’t overdo it. One teaspoon once a week at the most. Buyer beware: lots of products *say* they are honey but they are loaded with fake ingredients, so make sure you get honey from a local honey vendor or Organic honey. We use local honey from Mill Creek Apiary 

Make Sure Your Dogs Are Getting Enough Moisture.

Dogs need moisture in their food. In this article DVM Tom Cameron gives us these key points:

  • "Dry, kibble foods are 5-10% moisture, a big change from fresh foods
  • In order to digest dry foods, the body has to give up moisture to soften the food before digestion can begin
  • These fluids have to come from other body areas, like the kidneys, liver and skin
  • Dry foods are high-carbohydrate foods, which can contribute to weight gain, inflammation and diabetes."

Additionally, new research is showing that just water alone may not be enough to fully hydrate your dog.  What should you do?

  • Mix your kibble with a high moisture content add-on (like Javi's Gravy ;))
  • Make your own doggie gatorade for better absorption. Use this easy recipe.