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Fresh Products Require Cold!

We use Vitamin E to extend the life of the product. Our products have will stay fresh, unopened, for up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator. After Opening, use the product within one week (7 days) of opening. You can keep Javi's fresh longer by keeping unopened product in the freezer.

Keep Cold and Use Within One Week of Opening

Detailed Instructions

1. Always Keep Javis Gravy or Javi's Chunky Meals in the Refrigerator or Frozen. We use minimal preservatives for a fresh product. That means that it has to stay cold.

2. To defrost, move the product to the refrigerator and let soften.

3. For each cup of dry food, squeeze out about 2 ounces of Javi's Gravy or about 2 scoops of Javi's Chunky Meal.

4. Thoroughly Mix together, coating the kibble with sauce.

5. For a warmer serving, microwave the kibble and the gravy mix for about 30 seconds.